Seoul Christian School offers various clubs of differing interests during the last class period.

It is a way for students to gain experience in courses they are interested in and also to bond with other students with similar interests.

Club Name Content
Student Council
Thisstudent body group includes students whowant to devote themselves to servingotherstudentsin order togainleadershipexperience.Student Council alsoplans and organizesstudentevents.
Game Club
(PuzzleCircle) Studentswhowant to improvetheirproblem-solvingskillsgatherto train to gether while playing board games.
Music Club
(Orchestraor Band) Studentswhowant to honor Godwithhymns and other music practic together. Studentswho can play instruments join the orchestra or the band. (Choir) Studentscan servewiththeirvoicesbysinging in the choir.
Reading Buddies
(Reading Club) Students who want to increas etheir Reading comprehension gather together to read and discuss books.
Soccer Club
This activity raises students' strengths by playing soccer games.Wealsohavefriendlycompetitionwithotherinternationalschools.
MUN Club
(Mock UN) Students who want to explore more about international social issues come together and discuss those issues.
Math Club
(Mathematical Circle) Students who want to improve their math skills and thinking skills come together to solve problems together. They may team up to participate in the competition.
Community Service Club
(Community Volunteer Circle) This is a local volunteer activity for students who are willing to devote themselves to their neighbors.Members grow in Christlikeness by giving love to neighbors who need help.
Newspaper Club
(Student newspaper club) Students who love writing come together and show off their writing skills.They publish and share their own writing in the school paper.
Peer Tutoring
(Extracurricular club) Students tutor each other. Students who are weak are taught by other students, and students who are confident learn to synthesize information by helping other students.