Kindergarten and Elementary

Kindergarten and Elementary teachers teach from a Biblical point of view.

Every grade uses BJU Press textbooks that are written from a biblical standpoint.

Whenever students advance to the next grade, they will use textbooks appropriate for their grade level and increasing understanding..

* Bible Truths

Students learn about the Bible with themes and stories that help young students who find the Bible difficult.

Students learn spiritual principles and apply them to their lives and grow into more and more mature Christians.

* Heritage Studies in the Bible

Students learn the historical flow from Genesis to the present by comparing history with the Bible. Students learn the historical reliability of the Bible.

History classes discuss historical events and students acquire knowledge of the past.

* Science in the Bible

Students learn from the Bible about the beautiful world created by God.

Students will learn the process of scientific inquiries and solve them through experimentation and inquiry.

Students learn scientific principles and grow into scientists able to inquire into theories with solid biblical principles undergirding their foundations.

* Math in the Bible

The mathematics created by God are essential to life because they appear many times in the Bible.

Students learn not just calculation but the thinking that is the basis of mathematics.

Students learn to find their own formulas, not merely to memorize formulas.

Students develop mathematical thinking skills and develop problem-solving abilities, so that they can think independently of the world.

* English & Reading

Students develop essential reading skills sothat they can read the Bible.

Students read the Bible in English and develop language skills, biblical knowledge, andreading comprehension. Both grammar and literature are taught to further develop students’ English skills.

For students with a lack of basic skills, native English missionaries will teach English and Bible reading individually to help them achieve outstanding skills.

* Spelling & Handwriting

Students learn the vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation of words that are essential to learning English.Early elementary spelling focuses on recognizing patterns in word families; upper elementary students learn the meanings of prefixes and suffixes.

Teachers also teach beautiful handwriting to students to develop motor coordination in handwriting. Students learn to write in cursive as well as print.