Frequently Asked Questions

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Our school is affiliated with the kinds of churches that are recognized by the Korean Christian Association, including Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist churches.
Seoul Christian School is an educational organization that operates externally as a school, but it is an educational ministry group established by missionaries sent from America. Because of the nature of general religious education ministry or Christian education, there is a lot of contradiction with the education curriculum suggested by the government.
The student-to-teacher ratio ranges from 6 to 15 students per teacher.
Yes, it is possible and probable. Seoul Christian School is accredited by AACS,AI, and NCPSA. Our school has had graduates move on to attend Columbia University, Boston University, Dartmouth University, and Berkeley among many other highly esteemed schools.
Yes, it is possible. We have had graduates attend Seoul National University, Ewha Women’s University, and branches of American universities in Incheon.
First, Seoul Christian School teaches all subjects from a Biblical standpoint. Secondly, as a foreign school, all classes are taught in English. However, if a student wishes to transfer to a Korean school, we teach our classes in a way that they will be able to seamlessly transfer.