Application Form Down load


1. Application Period

-2018 - 2019 school year Fall Semester : May 1st– July 31st
-2019-2020 School year Spring Semester : November1st~ December 31st


2. Qualification to apply

Age requirements
-Kindergarten: 5 years old
-Elementary School: at least 6 years old
-Middle School: at least 12 years old
-High school: at least 15years old


3. Required Documents
1) Application Form (with photo)
2) Transcript/ academic records (English)
3) Immunization Records
4) Recommendation from pastor
5) English Level Placement Test (SLEP).


4. Application process
- Download and submit a visit or application form and send it along with
- Determination of grade level
- First-come-first-served for reservations
- Current SCS Student: Apply before May 1st.

 - New SCS students: Apply after May 1st (Over the Number waiting list)